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The earphones are transmitting the informations they find in your device. Such a problem might come from your contact list : if your contact is registered in your phone and not in your SIM card for example

The volume of the pre-programmed voice cannot be turned down. The solution could be to let the earphone pair up with your phone before putting them into your ears.

Put the earphones in your ears.

    • Touch one of the earbuds for 2 seconds until you hear « Power on ».
    • Do the same thing for the second earbud : they will pair up automatically.
    • Once you are done, you will hear « Connected »
    • Then on your smartphone, go into the Bluetooth settings and select « S9-TWS ». You shall hear « Connected » once again.

Your earphones are now connected between each other and with your phone.
See the tutorial video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLBF3ldla_A

Our earphones are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0. These earphones are compatible with you Bluetooth 4.2 device. Indeed, to simplify, each device communicates to the other with which Bluetooth versions it is compatible. Both devices then agree to use the higher version that both support.

In other words : earphones running with the 5.0 version will be fully capable of adapting to a devise running with the 4.2 version.

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