Ledwood products are designed and produced to provide the best possible customer experience in terms of quality and assiciated technologies.

However, some products exhibit design flaws related to the production line, so it is our duty to inform the public about the terms and conditions of returning our products. Indeed, our products are guaranteed for 2 years as part of the European Legal Warranty of Conformity.

Terms and conditions for product returns

1/ Please have the purchase invoice of your LEDWOOD product with you.
2/ Make sure the date of purchase is under 2 years ols.
3/ Contact the store where you purchased our product and ask their customer service department about the return policy of the store.
4/ After checking by their services of the non-conformity of the product, they will contact our consumer service in order to offer you an adapted solution.

Out of warranty, in a concern of ecology and anti-waste policy, be careful not to treat the product concerned as a consumable, a second life can be offered to it !